Palm oil

Soy lecithin

Palm vegetable fat

Sesame tahini

  • Palm oil – 100% vegetable oil is a mixture of refined oils.
  • The product is intended both for use in the food industry and catering.
  • Recommended for frying donuts, fries, and a deep and repeated frying meat, fish, vegetables and other products in the catering, confectionery and bakery.
  • Liquid soy lecithin is a raw with a very wide range of applications.
  • Is used in the confectionery industry as an emulsifier and agent in the production of chocolate and wafers.
  • Interacts with substances such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • The product is intended for the manufacture of a wide range of bakery and confectionery products.
  • Recommended for production of: bread, cakes, cookies, biscuits, for making fillings, pastry creams and toppings.
  • Palm oil is also used for deep frying fries, donuts and other products. Fried products are quickly gaining characteristic crispness, while maintaining its own flavor.
  • Sesame tahini – thick paste is based on sesame seeds.
  • Useing for the production of halva, creams and confectionery fillings.